Changing Directions

Jan 2 2010

Hi All

For those that have followed this little project, you may have noticed that the site never really kicked off the ground. You may have even created a log-in to post a comment or two or answer a question on a poll that stayed up far longer than intended. Over the holidays, I realized that there were sites that fulfilled this site's mission far better than we would ever hope. Like for instance. Or even better, check out their kids section.

So, You May Yume is changing directions and will become a repository for my half baked ideas, personal anecdotes, and other dreams from the cloud I call my brain.

For those of you that had log-ins, they were unfortunately lost in the transition. Please create a new one if you would still like to have one. Until some of the half baked ideas swimming in cloud land fall out of the sky, a log-in will have only the unique value of commenting on posts.

If you happened to come here looking for the streaming anime or flash games, go directly to the old links that are listed in google or other search engines. The links still work, but you won't be able to get to them from here until the remodel is complete. With that said...

Enjoy and Happy New Year!